KICT (information kiosk system)

Description: An application for M/S TESCO. The basic objective is to design an application for the KIOSK system being provided to KICT. Using this system valued client of KICT can retrieve information regarding Vessel Schedule and Container details. KIOSK is directly connected to KICT’s database. A keyboard will appear where ever it needed and user can write basic characters. User can login through its card or by entering User ID/Password.

menuEnterprise Resource Planning


Description: Currently we are working on a generalized decision support ERP solution for the FMCG industry which covers all the steps of production which includes monitoring the Quality of the products, recording of inventory and cost effective purchasing, comprehensive tracking of the dispatch, sales and distribution of the products to the end user(s).

Invoice reconciliation and accounts comparison system

Description: An invoice reconciliation and accounts data comparison system in which data import function works for invoice importing and then comparison done with accounts data.